• When is the draw for a Competition?

The competition draw date and time is stated on the entry page for each competition. Each draw is guaranteed to take place at the specified time regardless of how many tickets are sold.

  • Why is my order ‘Cancelled’?

Your order will show as cancelled if you did not complete the payment, or if your payment failed. Orders are automatically cancelled after 5 minutes if we do not receive a successful payment.

  • How is the winner chosen?

Each one of our draws can be watched live via our Facebook page & YouTube channel for everyone to see. We use Google’s random number generator to determine the winner and we will show you how the random number generator works prior to drawing the winning number. We also prove we are live by reading out comments and answering customer queries as we go. If the competition does not sell out and the first number generated is unsold, we will generate a new number until we have a winner. In order to avoid multiple respins which can take up a large amount of time on our live draws, we may decide to use the a random picker tool such as https://www.randompicker.com/ to select a winner. We will only elect to use this option if sales are lower than 50% for that specific competition. Some competitions will be ‘automated’ and the plug in on our website will randomly select an entrant to win. This will be clearly advertised when it is in opetation. If you’re unsure, please do not hesitate to reach out to us on our instagram or facebook page.

  • What is my draw number?

There are 3 ways in which you can find your ticket number for a draw.

1. When you enter a competition your ticket numbers can be found on the confirmation page

2. On the confirmation email sent to the email address assigned to your account

3. Log into your account, go to ‘My account’ – My Orders – click on each order and you will see ticket numbers there.

  • What if a competition does not sell out?

If a competition that you have entered does not sell out, the draw will still take place and you will have a better chance of winning than if it had sold out! Each draw is guaranteed to take place on the date and time shown on the entry page. All sold tickets are still valid and we will generate a random number until we have a winner.

  • Is this a scam?

We are a fully registered limited company in the UK, and have been running competitions since June 2020. We have grown a huge list of winners. We run prize draws which are fully compliant with the Gambling act of 2005. We have 5 star reviews on Facebook, Google, and Trustpilot which are built up from both winners and customers that play regular competitions. We do all of the draws live on Facebook & YouTube for everyone to watch.

  • What is the capital of Venezuela?

The capital of Venezuela is Caracas, but I’m not sure why you’re looking here for that information.

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