How safe is my information?

Our website uses https and TLS for security. You will have a little padlock in your address bar which shows the connection between your device and our website is secure.

For payments we use Trust Payments (https://www.trustpayments.com/). This means that none of your payment data is seen by us, and all handled through an encrypted connection with Trust Payments.



 How do I enter a competition?

All you will need to do, is answer the skill based question, select the number of entries you want and purchase them via our secure checkout process.



Is there a maximum number of tickets I am allowed to buy?

Yes this is always displayed on the bottom of each competition.



How does the live draw work & How do you select the winner?

We will use Facebook live to present the draw, and Google’s random number generator to select a ticket number that was issued when the tickets were bought. We will do a demonstration draw before all draws to show newcomers how the process works. We put in the lowest and highest ticket numbers that were sold and the generator picks one within that range of numbers. If it lands on one we haven’t sold, we will repeat the process.



If I win, when will I receive my prize?

We will be in touch on the same day of the draw to arrange either delivery or collection, so make sure that your email address and phone number are up to date.



Is this real? How do I know it isn’t a scam?

Hot Comps LTD is a limited company registered in England & Wales with Companies House. There are strict rules put in place by the government via the Gambling Commission, we follow these rules to the letter to keep you and us safe. We’re also registered with the Information Commissioners Office, so you can trust us with your data.



How do I know what my numbers are?

You can find them in your account, or on the email we send you to confirm your purchase.




We’ve worked hard to make the site and the process as simple and user friendly as possible


Have a look through our current competitions and add tickets to your basket.
The odds for each competition are fixed this means that every ticket you buy increases your chances.


Answer the question and then head to the checkout.
We use Trust Payments to handle payments because our top priority is security of your information.
We will email you your numbers and you’ll also find them on the account page.


Once the tickets are sold or once the timer runs out, we will hold a live draw on Facebook.
We use the google random number generator for all of our live draws. Not only is it simple to use it means that the winner is truly random selected.
We will try and call you live as we make the draw so we can tell you the good news

Why Choose Hot Comps?

We NEVER extend a competition past the advertised date. This means that if we don’t sell all the tickets in the advertised time, we will still 
give away the advertised prize as promised as ALL of our competitions have a guaranteed winner!
Simply put, this increases your chances of winning.

We pride ourselves on our transparency, we don’t think anyone else comes close.
Your tickets numbers are emailed to you instantly and stored safely in your account. All the entry lists are published as soon as the competition ends.
We then hold an interactive live draw on Facebook live where we select the winner.

We use HTTPS to ensure that your data is kept safe. Your card details are processed through a secure, encrypted gateway.
This secure process means that we do not have access to any of your payment information, ever.