Winner: Adam Hanlon - Ticket 1636

Cash Alternative: £1500


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Total Entries: 3999

Max Entries per person: 400

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18/06/2024 @ 8:30pm
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Draw Details

Our largest backpack comp ever. All these tools could be yours for just 99p!


  • Wera 2Go XL Container X1
  • Wera 2Go 2 Container X1
  • Wera 2Go 3 Tool Box X1
  • Wera 2Go 5 Tool Carrier  X1
  • Wera 2Go 7 High Tool Box X1
  • Wera Kraftform 2Go 100 11 Piece VDE Set X1
  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE Extra Slim (Inc Knipex 13 96 200, 6 functions in one per of pliers) X1
  • Wera 8100 SA All in Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set, 1/4″ drive, with holding function X1
  • Wera Joker Set of 4 Ratcheting Combination Wrenches SB X1
  • Wera Kraftform Micro 25 Piece Big Pack Screwdriver Set X1
  • Wera Kraftform Plus Lasertip Long Screwdriver Set 200mm PH/PZ/SL 4pc X1
  • Wera 489 R T-handle Rapidaptor X1
  • Wera 811/1 Stubby With Magnetic Bit Holder X1
  • Wera 392 Bitholding Screwdriver with Flexible Shaft X1
  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt 20 Tool Finder 1 with Pouch X1
  • Wera 950 SPKL/9 SM N Holding Function Hex Key Set 1.5-10 Long B/End Multi 9PC X1
  • Wera 967/9 TX XL Multicolour 1 Multicolour L-key Set for TORX® Screws, LONG X1
  • Wera Tool-Check PLUS Mini Bit Ratchet, Socket, Screwdriver & Bit Set 39pc X1
  • Wera Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 1 PH/PZ/TX/HEX 30pc X1
  • Wera Wera Star – Magnetizer/Demagnetizer X1
  • KNIPEX TwinKey® for all Standard Cabinets and Shut-Off Systems X1
  • KNIPEX  High Leverage Combination Pliers Chrome Plated (Variations 160, 180,200 mm) X1
  • KNIPEX  Snipe Nose Side Cutting Pliers Chrome Plated (Variations 160, 200 mm) X1
  • KNIPEX High Leverage Diagonal Cutter Chrome Plated (Variations 160, 180, 200 mm) X1
  • KNIPEX Cable Knife 190 mm X1
  • KNIPEX Cable Sheers 200 mm Step Cut X1
  • KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears with Multi-Component grips 160NIPEX Cobra® Grey 250 mm X1
  • VETO Pro-Pac Tech Pac Blackout

You will be allocated ticket number(s) at random when your order is confirmed and will receive the number(s) via email The total amount of entries for this competition is 3999. The draw will take place on 18/06/2024 20:00 regardless of ticket sales.

To enter for free send an unenclosed postcard stating your: Full Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Full Address, Date of Birth, Competition, Answer To Competition Question. All entries must be sent to Hot Comps LTD, PO BOX 3741, Norwich, NR5 5AT, and received before the close of the competition.

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When do I get my number?
Your ticket number(s) will be shown as soon as your order is confirmed and will be available under ‘My Account’ and in your email confirmation.

When is the draw?
The draw for this competition will take place on 18/06/2024 20:00

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