18th April 2021 – Auto Finesse Connoisseurs Kit


Winner is: Jake Rex

Ticket number: 123 Answer: Car Wash
Tickets Sold: 186 300


Ticket Price: £2

Total Tickets: 300

Runners Up: £2 Site Credit x 2

Cash Alternative: £260 (80% RRP)



The kit includes the following:
1 x 1-Litre Citrus Power
Auto Finesse® Citrus Power is our gentle but effective bug and grime remover. It works to remove contaminants with ease, without the need for scrubbing or deteriorating wax or sealant layers. Its gentle nature means it can be used to degrease motorcycle engines and lacquered door shuts, as well as enamelled badges. It’s safe to use on paintwork, glass, as well as plastic. Spray the formula onto affected area and allow to dwell for several minutes and jet wash off.

1 x 500ml Imperial wheel cleaner 
Our specially-formulated wheel cleaner Imperial is acid-free and features a mix of cleaning agents and degreasers which break down brake dust and road grime from wheels. Jet wheels off to rid them of any loose debris and spray Imperial liberally over wheels and tyre surfaces. Allow to dwell for several minutes, using one of our wheel brushes to agitate the surface. Finish by pressure washing off. Its highly-concentrated formula is safe to use on all modern coated wheel finishes, as well as all painted, clear-coated, and powder-coated alloy wheel finishes. It’s even gentle enough to use on tyres. Don’t apply Imperial if wheels are warm, or in direct sunlight or extreme cold temperatures.

1 x 1-Litre Avalanche snow foam 
Auto Finesse® Avalanche Snow Foam is infused with our Citrus Power bug and grime remover to make its foaming pre-wash solution the ultimate in pre-wash cleaners It effectively loosens and removes road grime prior to contact washing, doing most of the work for you and removing contaminants that may otherwise be moved around the vehicle during contact washing – thus inflicting those all so often seen and irritating swirl marks. Our snow foam is for use in conjunction with a pressure washer foam lance (best results) or a pump spray bottle or garden hose foam lance. Cover the vehicle from top to bottom. Leave to sit for approximately 5 minutes, allowing the product to attack any surface contaminates, then jet-wash off again working from top to bottom. Avalanche won’t breakdown previously applied protection such as wax or sealant.

1 x 500ml Revolution wheel shampoo 
Revolution is our advanced deep cleaning wheel soap designed to break down brake dust and road grime, while being gentle on painted, polished, anodised and other specialist finishes. Simply add 2-3 capfuls to a bucket of fresh (cold or warm) water and liberally apply to the wheel’s surface using one of our wheel brushes. Finish by rinsing thoroughly. Dry off using the included microfibre towel.

1 x 500ml Lather vehicle shampoo 
An absolute must in any detailer’s bag. Lather is sealant-safe, pH-neutral and smells of tangerine and features highly-concentrated lubricants. Coupled with a good car wash technique such as the two-bucket rule, this translates to swirl-free washing. Lather comes neat, but can be diluted down to suit your needs. The dirtier your car, the more shampoo you’ll need to use. Be sure to use snow foam first to rid the vehicle of any loose particles that could swirl-mark your paint.

1 x 500ml Iron Out contaminant remover 
Iron Out can be sprayed onto the surface and left to dwell in a touch-less manor. Iron Out will attach its self to any iron particles and begin to remove them. Whilst working, Iron Out will change colour to flag where the surface is contaminated. Just spray Iron Out directly onto the yellow foam pad (also included in this kit) and wipe the product on a small section of your vehicle’s paint or wheels. The solution will turn blood red when it reacts with Iron. Allow to dwell for a few minutes before jet washing off. It is suitable to use on all exterior surfaces, including paintwork, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel, anodised finishes, chrome, glass, plastic, and even rubber.

1 x 200g Clay Bar 
Everyone should have a clay bar! Ours is made from an ultra-fine grade of natural Kaolin clay and comes as a 200g block. It effectively removes both organic contaminants, such as tree sap and bird droppings, as well as inorganic contaminants such as light tar or iron deposits. Before claying, make sure the vehicle is clean. If you have a lot of tar spots, it’d be wise to use dedicated tar and iron fallout removers such as Auto Finesse® ObliTARate (included in this kit) or Auto Finesse® Iron Out. Used together with Glide (included), rub the clay in circular motions across all surfaces of the car to remove any embedded road grime.

1 x 500ml Glide clay lube 
Revive is a highly durable solution to be applied to exterior trims. It is silicone-based and has been formulated to bring life back to exterior plastics. To darken and restore colour to your plastic trims, simply begin by making sure the surface is clean. Use Auto Finesse® all-purpose cleaner Citrus Power first to be sure. Give the bottle a good shake to wake up ingredients. Then, making sure the surface is dry, apply Revive sparingly – a little goes a long way – to a foam applicator or tyre and trim applicator and work into the trim with moderate pressure. Make sure to achieve an even coverage. Give it 10 minutes to allow it to dry and gently buff off to reveal an even satin finish. It’s also water resistant, which means it’ll do its job for longer. Safe to use on all surfaces.

1 x Ultra Soft Wash Mitt 
The Auto Finesse® Ultra Soft Mitt is a genuine lambs-wool wash mitt helping to aid a swirl-free wash process. The natural pelt pile will help lift any contaminates that are on the paint work away and allows for a swirl free wash. Our Ultra Soft Mitt also comes with a separate thumb section, which allows for greater control when washing lower halves and under wing mirrors, ensuring all areas are cleaned properly.
*DO NOT put in washing machine, rinse thoroughly and leave to dry naturally*

1 x 500ml Tripple all-in-one polish 
Auto Finesse® Tripple helps to remove stubborn oxidation and contamination using deep cleansing solvents, while helping to refine paint’s surface to a high-gloss finish with fast-acting fine abrasives. Tripple is enriched with Brazilian Carnauba wax, helping it to lock in shine while it protects surfaces. Auto Finesse® Tripple is also a great base for any of our Carnauba hard waxes. If applying by hand, use a small-coin sized amount on an applicator and work into the paint with light pressure until the residue turns clear. Focus on a small area of 18 x 18-inch at a time. Leave the product to haze for several minutes before buffing off the residue using a microfibre towel. For Dual Action polisher application, use a light foam finishing or polishing pad together with 2-3 drops of Tripple. Working on the same surface area as by hand, start on the lowest setting, increasing to a moderate speed setting of 4000 OPMs until you see the residue starting to turn clear. At this stage, back the speed down to its lowest or second lowest setting and reduce pressure for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel. For application using a Rotary Polisher, use 2-3 small drops on the pad and spread onto the same 18 x 18-inch section using the lowest speed setting. Increase speed to 1000RPM using slow, overlapping passes. Once the residue starts to turn clear, back down to the lowest setting for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel.

1 x 500ml Ultra Glaze 
The Auto Finesse® Ultra glaze is a non-abrasive acrylic polymer enriched glaze designed to enhance paintwork whilst reducing the appearance of fine swirls. For hand or machine use, it makes metallic pop and dark colours deeper. For hand application, we recommend using either a microfibre or dual foam applicator pad. Apply a small coin sized drop of product to the applicator and work into the paint with light pressure. For best results, work on a small area at a time and in circular movements. Leave product to haze for several minutes before buffing off the residue using a microfibre towel. For use with a Dual Action Polisher, we recommend using a light foam finishing pad. Apply 2-3 small coin sized drops to the pad and spread onto a small area of the paint using the lowest setting on the machine. Afterwards, work the product in using slow, even, overlapping passes, light pressure and a moderate speed setting (4000 OPM) until you see the residue starting to turn clear. At this stage, back the speed down to its lowest, or second lowest setting and reduce pressure for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes and buff off using a microfibre towel. If you’re using a Rotary Polisher, we recommend using a light foam finishing or polishing pad. Apply 2-3 small coin sized drops to the pad and spread onto a small area of the paint using the lowest speed setting on the machine. Afterwards, increase the speed to a maximum of 1000RPM, working the product in using slow, even, overlapping passes. Once you see the residue starting to turn clear, back the speed down to its lowest setting for one more pass. Leave the residue to haze for a few minutes, and buff off using a microfibre towel.

1 x 100ml Mint Rims Wheel Wax 
Auto Finesse® Mint Rims Wheel Wax is a unique blend of high temperature synthetic waxes and solvent carriers to protect wheels with durability of 2-3 months. Mint Rims seals your wheels from hot, corrosive brake dust and oxidation, while protecting against everyday weather. Mint Rims wheel wax can be used on any wheel finish, including painted, powder-coated, clear coated, anodised, chromed, and bare polished alloys. Apply Mint Rims before a change of season. Simply half turn a foam applicator in the tin and apply directly to wheels. The light abrasives and solvents work quickly when teamed with either a foam applicator or microfiber cloth. You’ll see grime and oxidisation removed from the metal’s surface and onto the applicator instantly. Simply wipe clean. For Mercury, we recommend the use of an old microfibre that is past use on paint work.

1 x 100ml Mercury Metal Polish 

The Auto Finesse® Mercury Metal Polish is a metal polish that is suitable for all types of metals and vehicles. Mercury is perfect for car exhausts, trims, motorbike parts, motorhome wheel trims and even the checker plate of the dirtiest of lorries.

1 x 1-Litre Verso all purpose cleaner 
Auto Finesse® Verso is an all-purpose cleaner which is perfect for cleaning any surface of a vehicle, including the engine bay! It’s extremely effective as a degreaser, as well as being gentle enough for general cleaner. It will leave a fresh, clean fragrance behind and a streak-free finish when dry. Verso can be used across carpet, fabric, rubber, engine, door jambs, wheel arches, tyres and convertible fabric hoods. Simply choose the recommended dilation ratio that suits your needs. Once you have chosen the correct dilution to suit your needs, mix Verso into a spray bottle. Next, spray Verso onto the surface that requires cleaning. If you are using Verso as a degreaser for engine cleaning and door jambs, liberally spray the selected area and allow to dwell for several minutes. Come back and agitate Verso with one of the included detailing brushes.

1 x 500ml ObliTARate tar and glue remover 
The Auto Finesse® ObliTARate tar and glue remover is a solvent-based formula that helps to dissolve and remove contamination before you even touch your car, minimising the possibility of marking the paintwork. ObliTARate tackles the likes of traffic cone rash, gaffer or duct tape residue and even undercoating overspray. Safe to use on all modern painted and powder-coated surface, as well as bare metal and brightwork. Do remember, though, ObliTARate is a very strong solvent product and may cause damage to fresh paint, SMART repairs, un-catalysed lacquers, and some delicate vintage finishes. If you attempt use on any of these surfaces, it would be wise to proceed with caution.

1 x 500ml Satin tyre crème 
Auto Finesse® Satin Tyre Crème has a gel-like consistency which allows you to layer the product up; one layer will give you a clean, natural satin-matte finish, while multiple layers will give you more of a depth of shine depending on how many layers you apply. Satin’s water-based formula is also packed with UV-Inhibitors, which help to condition the sidewalls of your tyres, and prevent them from cracking over time. Simply apply a few drops to our tyre applicator and rub onto the outer wall of the tyre. Layer up as desired.

1 x 500ml Crystal glass cleaner 
Auto Finesse® Crystal Glass Cleaner is our highly-concentrated mix of mild distilled solvents that ensure a streak-free finish to glass, battling fingerprints and any greasy films with ease. It’s safe to use on all glass surfaces including mirrors, window tints and even the lightweight polycarbonate or acrylic windows used in racing. If the glass is very dirty, make sure the vehicle is clean first. Apply a fine mist to one panel of glass (3-4 sprays) and buff off immediately with a short pile microfibre towel. Turn the towel to a fresh side for a final buff off. A glass sealant can then be applied on top.

1 x 500ml Glisten spray wax 
Glisten spray wax from Auto Finesse® has an advanced formula which is perfect for those moments when your paint needs a quick freshen up. Glisten is gentle enough so that it can be used on matte paint and even wraps. And can also be used as a daily top-up wax to your full protection. As long as your vehicle is clean and dry, simply spray a light mist of Glisten over half a panel and spread and buff to a high shine using our Ultra Plush microfibre towel. It’s that easy!

1 x 500ml Revive trim dressing 

Revive is a silicone-based trim dressing that brings life back to your exterior plastics, while being water resistant. The solution darkens and restores colour to the plastic trim, leaving behind a subtle satin finish that is dry to the touch, and will not run off in the rain. Once applied, its advanced formula will help to protect plastic and rubber trim from future fading, with durability that exceeds conventional water-based dressings.

1 x Aqua Deluxe drying towel 
The Auto Finesse® Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel is a favourite amongst our detailer friends and customers. It has a deep pile of  to quickly absorb surface water, reducing water spots and keeping paintwork swirl free. 1200GSM
500mm x 700mm

1 x Handi Puck Applicator 
The Handi Puck Applicator is the ideal way to turn spot pads into ergonomic hand applicators, complete with a Velcro-backed high-density foam dome. The shape means it’s easy to handle, moulded to the palm of your hand. The Velcro-backed high-density foam dome has been designed to fit a wide range of 75-120mm pads.

1 x Scrubbi Spot Pad 
Our Scrubbi Spot Pad is an interior and fabric hood cleaning tool, allowing our fabric-specific products to be agitated into surfaces quickly and safely. The pad can also be used on carpets, fabric and a whole host of other interior surfaces.
80mm diameter

1 X Tyre Spot Pad 
The Tyre Spot Pad is exactly as it says and together with the included Handi Puck Applicator it’s the perfect partner for apply our tyre dressings. Its sandwich-waffle foam design, allowing it to get into the tyre’s grooves.
85mm diamater

1 x Microfibre spot pad
The Auto Finesse® Microfibre Spot Pad turns your Handi-Puck Applicator into a hand-polishing system. Complete with foam-centre core, it curves around all of the different contours of a vehicle. Ideal for use with our pre-wax cleanser Rejuvenate.
80mm diameter

1 x Wax Spot Pad
The Auto Finesse® Wax Spot Pad has been developed to fit perfectly into our 150g wax tins. This fitment together with the soft bevelled foam allows for easy application.
88mm diamater

1 x Glass Waffle Cloth 
The Glass Waffle glass cloth is the ultimate drying towel for glass surfaces. Its unique construction means that it doesn’t scratch glass upon contact and ensures a streak-free finish at all times.
400mm x 600mm

1 x Polish Pads 
Microfibre Polish Pads are the ideal choice for applying any of our polishes and paint cleansers. It’s a soft, and comfortable applicator that allows you to apply polish in a safe manor, whilst having full control of the application.
140mm x 90mm x 50mm.

1 x Crew Bag 
The Auto Finesse® Crew Bag is the ultimate way to carry your detailing kit while on the move. It’s also awesome for storing your favourite products in the garage or shed, too. There’s plenty of space for all the products you’d need to conduct a thorough vehicle detail, with two outside pockets at the front and one mesh pocket at the rear for drying towels or damp cloths, as well as 12 x 500ml and 250ml pockets inside, and two 1-Litre spaces inside. There’s even extra room in the middle, fitting additional bottles if necessary. Inside both ends are slots for brushes and accessories, as well as a mesh pocket to the lid for waxes, pads and applicators
54cm x 24cm x 30cm

1 x Air Freshener 
We also throw in one of our popular air fresheners to keep the freshness going after you’ve completed your detail!

1 x Detailing Brush Trio 
3 Different sizes perfect for hard to reach areas on your vehicle and allows you the freedom to purpose-use each brush to various sections of your vehicle when detailing.


2 x Duo Edgeless 

The Auto Finesse® Edgeless Duo Microfibre Towel gives you the best of both worlds with one side featuring a dense short pile, perfect for removing polishes and waxes one side, and a thick plush pile to the other, for soaking up quick detail sprays and final buffing.

600mm x 400mm

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